Hi, we’re Lindsay Street. 

We’re a group of Australian corporate and commercial lawyers that work from the cloud.  We’ve been helping businesses solve legal problems since 2016.

We’ve helped clients in all sorts of businesses.  From breweries creating craft beers to biotechs saving babies to billion-dollar miners developing mines.  We’ve helped them raise money, buy and sell assets, enter contracts, build (and dismantle) teams, and join the ASX.  

We like to develop long-term relationships and stay with clients throughout the full life-cycle of their businesses.  Other times though we can pitch in on a transaction and then step out.

How we can help

Our lawyers have been trained at the top end of town and have a wide range of skillsets and experience. We do tend to help out in a few categories more than others though:

About us

We’re a cloud-based corporate and commercial law firm. That means we don’t spend money on leasing a fancy high rise office and choose to keep our overheads (and thus our fees) low. It also means we can invest in remote connectivity tools to work with clients all over Australia - wherever you’re located you get the same seamless service.

Most of us are based in sunny Perth, Western Australia, but our virtual office allows us to work all over the world.  Meet the team below.


Bennett Greenhalgh

Hi, I’m Bennett. I help clients navigate the corporate and regulatory obstacles in their businesses.

I’ve helped clients raise money from banks and capital markets, buy and sell critical assets, acquire and merge with other companies, and build legal and governance systems to reduce risk and make things more efficient.

I’m a tech geek with a passion for using new technology to streamline legal services.

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Clare Mould

Hi, I’m Clare. I help clients protect and commercialise their intellectual property.

I’m passionate about start-ups and small businesses, and I try to always provide client focused, open, honest and transparent legal services.

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Sophie van Hattem

Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m a junior commercial lawyer ready to get involved in a wide range of legal projects.

I’ve worked in all sorts of environments from global and top-tier law firms to a tiny regional office. I’ve worked in-house as legal counsel for ASX-listed companies and have run professional development programs in the Pilbara and Kimberley.

I’m fluent French speaking and have an uncanny knack for finding the worst wine on the menu.

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Contact us

Whether you’re interested in speaking to us about the legal obstacles your business is facing or you just want to talk about the legal industry or ‘newlaw’ developments generally, please feel free to contact us using the form below. We’re always keen to expand our network and would love to hear from you.

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