Lindsay Street Values


At Lindsay Street we assist clients by providing legal counsel and related legal operations support. 

Far more important than that — we provide clients with a type of lawyer we think represents the future of the profession. 

What do those lawyers look like? 

Well, we think they will embody the following Lindsay Street values. 

A Long-Term View

We prioritise long-term relationships and strive to make decisions that have enduring, long-term benefits. 

We do not chase fads. We are willing to lose in the short-term, including financially, to build long-term success. 

Family Comes First; the Firm Comes a Long Way Second

(Ok, so the truth is we have stolen this from Adam Simpson, but given the Eagles’ 2018 premiership and the chorus of compliments regarding their culture we think that’s a good place to take from).

We want our people to have strong and treasured relationships outside of work. We think those relationships make them better lawyers. 

We expect our people to respect their colleagues’ family priorities and to support them. We strive to build an environment where systems and people are in place to ensure clients’ interests are advanced without our people being forced to make sacrifices at home. 

No Alarms and No Surprises

We strive to operate with ‘radical open-mindedness and radical transparency’ (Now stealing from Ray Dalio).

We encourage our people to be honest and direct. We maintain regular communication to ensure information is delivered in a timely manner to the people that need to receive it. 

We expect our people to receive news, even bad news, in good faith and take the time necessary to consider and evaluate an appropriate response. We do not overreact. We do not scream and shout. 

We invite new ideas from our people and we evaluate them with an open mind. We strive to ensure the best idea wins regardless of where it came from. 

We Build Systems

We focus on process and systems rather than outcome. While outcomes are important, orphaned outcomes (i.e. outcomes without any related and defined process) represent a need for further work rather than a cause for celebration.

We seek to improve our systems wherever possible. We trust that our efforts towards small but continual improvements will compound and, over the long run, deliver paramount outcomes for our people and our clients.

Simpler is Better

We avoid unnecessary complications. Shorter sentences are better. Fewer pages are better. Fixed fees are better.

The work is not done unless it can be adequately summarised in two pages. 

Although we may not account for every possibility, we trust our people’s ability and our client relationships, and we believe keeping things simple will provide greater benefits over the long-term. 

And so that’s largely it. 

The above won’t be for everyone. That’s ok. But if you think the above sounds like you — maybe you’re looking for a new law firm or a new lawyer — let’s chat