Legal Counsel Solutions (Part II)

This is a continuing series of blog posts intended to answer the question we are asked a fair bit, 'so what is it you do, anyways?'.  Read the rest of the series here.    



If you’re a business with ongoing legal and governance issues, you may well be thinking you need to employ a full time legal counsel. That’s definitely a choice but it’s no longer your only choice.

At Lindsay Street Partners we offer a range of engagement options to best suit our clients. If none of our existing options seem quite right, we’d love to talk to your more about your business so we can tailor our solution to make the perfect fit.

Our engagement models have a number of advantages that may make us a better option for you than hiring an employee.  These include: 

  • low overheads - we bring our own gear, we can work from your site or remotely, and clients don't need to carry the insurance, taxes and other ancillary costs that come with taking on a new hire.

  • resources – we subscribe to a number of innovative lawtech and know-how resources we can bring into your business, and we’re always looking for newer ways to get things done.

  • leverage - we have a network of clients and lawyers in different industries. The lessons our legal counsel gain from one client's business can quickly be leveraged across all our clients' businesses.

  • flexibility - we can take a hint. We can adapt our engagement to suit your changing needs, and there’s no hard feelings or awkward conversations if you need to cut back on your legal services.

If you’re still set on hiring someone new, that’s great too! We are connected to a network of well trained, personable lawyers looking to venture into in-house teams. Speak with us – we’re not recruiters looking to take a cut, we just love helping people connect.

You can also engage a Lindsay Street lawyer on a short term basis to fill the gap while you’re recruiting, so you don’t feel rushed to hire someone if the fit isn’t quite right.

So, what does one of our legal counsel engagements look like ? 

Our Traditional Legal Counsel Model

This is probably the model you're used to.  It has existed in the market for a few years now.  We can put one of our lawyers into your business, working from your office, exclusively on your matters, using our systems and know-how. 

They can add value immediately and you have the cost certainty that comes with knowing no matter how brilliant your new legal counsel is, and no matter how hard he or she works, you will pay the same reasonably priced day-rate. 

Our 'Flex' Legal Counsel Model

Something a bit new.  We can mix it up - being in your business when it's required and out of your hair when not needed.  Our lawyers are used to working remotely and have developed a good feel for when an all-hands meeting needs them in the room. 

By mixing our model between remote and in-person delivery we can ensure our people build and maintain key relationships with your team but also keep the costs down. 

Our 'Cloud' Legal Counsel Model

A purely cloud-based remote delivery method keeps our fees as low as possible.  Through clever integration of various tech we can offer excellent legal services exactly how you need them. 

The 'cloud' legal counsel model is a great option to keep fees low after an initial traditional legal model period. One of our lawyers can work on-site with your team, develop necessary relationships and truly understand your business, and then transition to being on call when needed at a fraction of the total cost of an employee. 

We're confident that whatever your needs we can create a solution that's perfect for you.  Contact us - we want to learn more about your business so we can deliver a service that's just right.