Traditional Consulting Services

This is a continuing series of blog posts intended to answer the question we are asked a fair bit, 'so what is it you do, anyways?'.  Read the rest of the series here


Well.. perhaps traditional is not the right word. 

Traditional is the grey-haired lawyer, always wearing a version of the same grey pinstripe suit, at the top of a grey building with a very expensive board room looking out over a grey skyline. 

Lindsay Street isn't like that. 

Lindsay Street isn't traditional. 

Hourly Rates (gross)

In addition to our preferred legal counsel and company secretarial style appointments, we can provide legal services through a more traditional delivery method if that's what our client wants. 

We can do... gulp ... billable hours ... if that's what our client wants.  

We're not going to do the pinstripe suits, though.  And we draw the line at expensive boardrooms. 

We've cut out the things we don't think are important, and by doing that we can keep our rates down to a price that's comparatively low (depending on what you compare them to, I suppose - you can find some pretty good deals on Gumtree). 

Our Clients

Because we're doing things a little differently, we're also a little different when it comes to our business development.  We don't take on instructions from everyone.  

For example, we don't act for individuals.  Sorry, Auntie Sue - it's corporate entities for us only.  

In the early days of Lindsay Street we usually acted for people we already knew, or we'd come to know through people we trust.  Now, when a new client engages us, we want to invest the time it takes to get to know them.  

Our Experience

We only provide specialist legal services in particular areas, which ensures we offer top notch service (and keeps the Legal Practice Board happy).  These areas are:

- commercial law (e.g. review, drafting, and negotiating contracts)

- corporate law (e.g. matters relating to ASX Listing Rules and Corporations Act Requirements, some M&A and some ECM)

- dispute resolution (e.g. resolving disputes between one company and another company before they get to court and then, if it's really necessary, once they get to court). 

Just for now we're not really taking on instructions in any other areas, but we know a lot of people who are.  So if you really do need a traditional lawyer, grey suit and all, we can point you in the direction of some pretty good ones.  

Our (different) Approach

You might have worked this out already, but while we are very happy to engage in all of the above for our favourite clients (we do have favourites - sorry) the truth is, we see this traditional model as a way of the past. 

There may always be a place for specialist lawyers in the world, but for us, well, we don't really want to compete in that market.  Our focus is on playing to our strengths to provide value in ways that suit our clients best.  

We recruit the lawyers with personality.  The amenable advocates.  The convivial counsellors.  The jovial jurists.  You get the idea.  

We recruit those people because we think those are the lawyers that will succeed in tomorrow's legal industry.  Trusted legal advisers are no good unless you can work with them, and we are finding the best talent, training them on how to do things the Lindsay Street way, and putting them into fast-growing corporates to become essential members of the team.

We want to work with your team - and we think we can do a better job of it than with billable hours. 

You should give us a bell if that sounds interesting.