Project Management Services

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A significant legal project has the potential to derail your team.

Whether you’re an in-house legal team looking down the barrel of some heavy litigation, a commercial team looking to acquire another business, a finance team raising capital, or an executive team looking to do any combination of these - the reality is a large scale legal project can become all-consuming.

The risk is that in giving your project the attention it needs your team may not have time for the day-to-day operations that keep growth on track.

The forward-thinking executives have the ability to recognise a large scale project as it approaches and set aside the resources necessary to apply an appropriate project management discipline from an early stage.

Lindsay Street can assist your team by offering legal project management as a dedicated service, which can be combined with or kept separate from other more traditional legal consulting. This means we can work alongside and complement existing legal service providers (i.e. in house legal teams and external law firms) with steady and consistent project management.

In simple terms, this means your business can receive:

- a reasonably priced lawyer dedicated to smashing procedural tasks using Lindsay Street’s advanced law-tech tools, allowing technically specialist lawyers to focus on the issues they are best at and ensuring you receive value for money (e.g. ‘You let us know who is getting what and we will populate those escrow deeds for you.’).

- a single point of contact for your Board or executive team for queries on any aspect of the legal project (e.g. You ask ‘What’s the hold up with the bond issue?’ and instead of getting the usual ‘I don’t know, you have to speak to [XYZ] in [ABC Office]’ we can reply ‘there’s a 48 hour delay due to a difficult bank’s KYC requirements - otherwise we’re all on track as per the timeline’)

- regular updates at a pace that suits your team. We can give you a weekly progress report, or a monthly download of the key milestones achieved (e.g. ‘Document review is on track to provide discovery by the due date, and witness [X] has been located and a meeting set for [XYZ Date]’.)

- someone dedicated to herding the relevant cats, on minor deliverables, which can often be what derails the timeline (e.g. ‘printing house needs final draft by [XYZ Date] or we won’t hit the dispatch deadline - let’s make sure there are no more delays’)

- systems put in place to ensure progressive costs stay within fee quotes, or if out-of-scope items occur they are dealt with upfront and your team can avoid nasty surprises (e.g. ‘Just an update, our French legal counsel have advised they need to revisit the fee quote to account for this change - we will update the total fee schedule when we have more information.’)

and, assuming the project is successful, we can apply the same Japanese-train like project planning to arranging a successful completion dinner.

If you’re keen to better resource your team and avoid the disruptive impact a large legal project can have on your business, get in touch and let us show you how we can help.