Lindsay Street Partners can assist your business with traditional consulting or in-house legal support, and also by providing other services, such as transactional support, legal process and precedent support, and lawyers-on-demand support services



For circumstances where your team is approaching a significant transaction, but the costs of a traditional law firm would dilute the transaction's value. 

Lindsay Street Partners can assist you by project managing and coordinating your transactions, such as by acting as Project Manager for due diligence investigations or Chair and/or Secretary of Due Diligence Committee meetings, or by completing discrete components of wider transactions, such as verifying disclosure documents etc. 

Utilising Lindsay Street Partners for these tasks can minimise the costs of the transaction and ensure the expensive experts are only used where their expertise is absolutely required.  

Process / Precedents

For circumstances where your team is stuck working 'in the business' and never has the time necessary for the blue sky thinking to work 'on the business'. 

Lindsay Street Partners can offer an outside perspective and suggest ways your legal team can improve its processes to increase efficiencies and reduce stress within the team. 

Alternatively, Lindsay Street Partners can spend the time required to review existing precedents and draft new templates for your legal team, taking the best examples of work the team does and turning them into standardised documents.  


For circumstances where your team cannot yet sustain new employees, but you need lawyers immediately to address an urgent increase in legal work.

Lindsay Street Partners can provide mid-level, junior and senior lawyers on a contract basis to address short-term legal challenges within your business.  

These lawyers are capable of working on specific projects or simply 'slotting in' to an existing legal team to add more capacity to address a temporary increase in workload. 

By using Lindsay Street Partners you can tackle opportunities as they arise without committing to taking on additional staff for the long term.