adopting innovative ways to address legal challenges in a new business world

The world has changed and most law firms haven't.  

Today's businesses are facing greater compliance hurdles than ever but are being pressured to find greater returns for less resources. Management cannot afford to pay the astronomical costs traditional law firms charge but still need access to timely, practical legal advice as legal issues arise.  

Lindsay Street Partners is committed to adopting new approaches to providing legal advice and legal services to ensure its clients maintain confidence and peace of mind, without incurring massive legal costs that can be hard to justify.  We are brave and uncompromising when it comes to adopting innovative ways to provide solutions faster and at a fraction of the costs of our competitors.  

a virtual law office

If you want to visit your lawyer in a fancy high-rise boardroom and look out over sweeping river views, Lindsay Street Partners is not the firm for you.  We are a virtual law office, meaning that our lawyers utilise technology to provide you with the advice and services you need, quickly, and at a fraction of the cost.  While our lawyers have all enjoyed the pretty glass boxes and the prestige those high-rise offices provide, we're pretty sure you don't want to be paying for them. 

a law firm for people that don't like lawyers

Lindsay Street Partners has from the outset been established as a firm for lawyers with personality as well as smarts.  While our lawyers must be able to identify the core of your legal problem, and come up with an appropriate and commercial solution, they must also have the people skills to implement their solution with you and your team directly, without someone acting as interpreter or chaperone.

We look for people our clients will want to have a drink with on a Friday afternoon. 

We look for lawyers that appreciate design and have an interest in programming. We encourage all of our team to develop an interest in emerging technologies and consider how Lindsay Street Partners can adopt those technologies to do better work for our clients.

We want every document we draft to inspire the elation and delight Apple-nerds feel when they see a new model iPhone.